Community Behavior Consulting provides behavior services to children and adults in multiple environments to best connect them to their community.



At Community Behavior Consulting, we have worked with children from two years through adulthood. We have worked with people with a wide variety of diagnoses: emotional and behavioral disorders, genetic disorders, autism, Down's Syndrome, cerebral palsy, chromosomal disorders, learning disabilities, blindness, hearing disorder, and more. We have experience working in schools as aides, teachers, and consultants. And we routinely lead professional development opportunities across the state of Ohio.

We are well versed in the assessment and training procedures in ABA. We routinely conduct Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), skills assessments, develop treatment plans, and engage in parent training.



Values guide our organization to remind us to always remember what is important. These are the values that are important to us.

Community: Every person deserves to have a meaningful connection to their community. We work to tear down the barriers preventing true inclusion.

Justice: We believe that every person deserves effective treatment centered on respect and dignity. We work to promote this by passionately advocating for each of our clients to obtain the services and opportunities they deserve.

Compassion: Regardless of a person's action, they should be treated with kindness and care. Those that engage in challenging behavior, and their families, needs the greatest amount of compassion and patience.

Joy: By focusing on creating joy, we believe behavior intervention can reveal a person's abilities. Our goal is not to suppress behavior, but to support our clients journey to happiness.


Jen Gonda


Hello! I am Jen and I am delighted that you are interested in applied behavior analysis. For the past twelve years I have been searching for the best program or school for children and adults with behavioral needs. What I have discovered is that there is no best option-- the best thing to do is to cater behavioral, education, and life skills programming to the individual needs of each of my clients. That is exactly what Community Behavior Consulting does. 

There is a ton of resume stuff that you may care about via the link below. While I am proud of my experience, the most important thing about me is that I am passionate and creative. I truly believe that we can make a better and more inclusive world for everyone utilizing behavior science.