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When you succeed, we all succeed! We are happy to offer a positive and supportive work environment. We have low turnover and invest in staff growth with various trainings and constant collaboration.

Community Behavior Consulting Offers

  • Above industry average compensation

  • Full and part time opportunities (salary and hourly pay)

  • Paid Time Offer (PTO) for all employees

  • Retirement plan

  • Health, vision, and dental benefits. We pay for your liability insurance.

  • Short term disability match

  • Paid lunch and travel time

  • Mileage

  • Paid training

  • Paid fieldwork

  • Student loan reimbursement for those that are independently certified

  • Close supervision

  • Low pressure work environment with a high amount of teamwork

  • Structured opportunities for advancement

  • We do not require our staff to work with multiple children if other staff are absent

  • We never send full time staff home without pay if their client is absent




Applicable degree and state certification or license.

Our independently licensed practitioners are a part of a forward thinking team devoted to client care. At Community Behavior Consulting, we know that the best way to support our clients is to ensure our practitioners have the time and energy to think outside the box. As such, practictioners enjoy salary and benefits without the requirement of billable hours.



College degree and at least one year of applicable experience

Behavior technicians implement the plan developed by the BCBA. We offer full time, salary opportunities in clinic to ensure our behavior technicians have all the support they need. Part time opportunities available. Behavior technicians are viewed as the backbone of ABA treatment and are offered a seat at the table for all treatment planning.



ABA experience and current enrollment in applicable college coursework

Wondering how you are going to get all your supervision hours to sit for the BCBA exam? We offer a full time supervisee position that ensures all fieldwork hours (restricted and unrestricted). This position does not require any payment or post certification work commitment. We want to support the field of ABA at large, not just within our organization.


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We require all employees to pass a BCI/FBI background check and have the required level of training and experience for the position.

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