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Announcing our New Niles Location!

We are so very excited to announce that we will open a clinic space in Niles, Ohio. We care about children being involved in their own community and know that the best way to keep a child in their community is to come to them, instead of forcing families to travel to access quality services. So what does a new clinic location mean?

We will partner with more schools to foster more inclusion opportunities for our clients. One of our values is justice. We believe that a child with a disability should have the same access to their neighborhood school as children without disabilities. Being in Trumbull County means that families that want to have access to after school services or part time preschool do not need to travel over 30 minutes each way to have both for their child.

We hope to empower communities to support everyone, especially those with disabilities. We have some amazing therapists and amazing families that live in Trumbull County. It does not make sense to require them to travel outside of their county to be connected. While we do promote school based services and provide in-home services, a clinic provides for a wonderful opportunity for collaboration and learning!

We want to provide a fun, safe, and age appropriate therapeutic space for early intervention. We are constantly preaching that young children need time and space to play and know that developmentally, many young children cannot sustain a full day of therapy. Having a new Trumbull County location allows us to create a reinforcing environment filled with play and movement to promote early learning.

We are so excited to be expanding to Niles, Ohio and look forward to meeting new families in the coming months!

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